Hello, I will introduce to you the best of the best Korean cuisine that can not be resisted, Korean Fried Chicken 🐔 has been raised everywhere as the best happy 😊 meal that you can have with your family and friends together. So let’s find out the amazing secret behind it.


Korean Fried Chicken look like?

Korean fried chicken has a special way of cooking, they are using Korean cook charming recipes will they preparing it, Also the why for frying the chicken has no other the chicken goes through several frying steps, and the seasoning should be handmade and frying the chicken with the sauce?! Yes as I told you it is a special way of making Korean fried chicken.


Korean Fried Chicken History:

In the past, Koreans consumed chicken that had been steamed or boiled before being added to broths or hot soups, most frequently ginseng or Sam gye tang (삼계탕). Koreans were accustomed to eating chicken in this manner, thus the idea of fried chicken was completely foreign to them. Fried chicken was reserved for special events in the 1960s and 1970s, but in the 1990s the Korean fried chicken (후라이드 치킨) trend gained popularity. During this time, the majority of Korean families resided in apartment buildings, making it convenient for people to order food online for delivery and have a quick lunch or snack.

Korean fried chicken is currently growing more and more common in many nations, particularly as a result of the popularity of Korean dramas, TV series, and K-pop stars who openly expressed their love for the meal. The best part about Korean fried chicken is that there are many different ways to enjoy it, such as in a rice bowl, like Gangnam Chicken, or on its own, which can be enjoyed as a meal or snack with pickled radish and iced cold beer or soju. Korean fried chicken is double-fried to increase its crunchiness, unlike regular American fried chicken. Additionally, the chicken becomes less greasy after being fried twice.


Dubai Korean Fried Chicken Dubai:

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One of the most well-liked dishes in South Korean cuisine is the fried chicken. being offered as street food or at numerous Korean restaurants. In fact, there are Korean eateries that specialize in providing the best fried chicken. At these establishments, fried chicken is the primary dish.

Korean Fried Chicken recipe:

  • drumsticks from a chicken
  • avocado oil or another oil with a neutral flavor

 Chicken marinade:

  • drier sherry
  • pepper, black
  • normal soy sauce
  • minced garlic
  • salt

Batter For Korean Fried Chicken:

  • tapioca starch
  • salt
  • garlic powder
  • onion powder
  • curry powder
  • cold water
  • baking powder
  • black pepper


Korean KFC Delivery In Dubai:

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