Hi, today we are going to talk about our great opening of our restaurant for the Korean food in Dubai Roll and Bubble Korean street food in Business Bay, we will share amazing topics about the restaurant and the food prices stay with us.



Roll & Bubble Business Bay Location:

It is located in Dubai Business Bay DAMAC Avanti Building 🏢 you can find it easy in the back side of the building and the Bus station is 2 minutes faraway of the restaurant, that you can have your lunch or your dinner will you are waiting the bus coming also you have delivery 🚚 service such as Deliveroo, and Talabat, and Careem, and Noon.

You can order online by the 4 delivery services, or call our restaurant on this number to order you food directly from the restaurant [045580824].



The RB Food Menu:

In Roll and Bubble business Bay branch the Korean Street food menu has more food options such as the seafood like the salmon and tuna sushi, and the traditional Korean noodles and the spicey delicious Korean ramen, that you can feel the happiness while you having it. And for the drinks there are different menu of it and the special one is the Bubble tea. And let us do not forget the greatest food that everyone loves to eat on the holidays in Korea the Korean Fried Chicken 🐔 made of the Korean sauces and the seasoning 100 pure Korean make, because Roll & Bubble chefs are trained from a famous Korean chef that the food she make no one can resisted at all.


The Price Of The Food:

Our Korean Food Prices are the low prices for the Korean food in the business Bay area and all Dubai also, if you want to have a Korean food such as the Korean rice cake (tteokbokki-떡볶이), and Ramen with some Korean dumplings 🥟 and Kimbap in a luxury Korean Food in Dubai probably this menu will cost you more then 200 AED, But in Roll and Bubble you can save this big money will you are having this meal here.😍 It taste good and it is cheap when you compare it with other Korean Food places in Dubai right?! furthermore the restaurant is designed in a pretty way, the lights are smooth to the eyes, and it is a quiet place that you can enjoy your lunch while you have a hard time in your work go to this restaurant releasing your stress.


Roll And Bubble Serving Ways:

The workers in this restaurant are trained to be polite and kind to all the costumers on the Korean way starting from the greetings same as the Korean greetings because Roll & Bubble Korean Restaurant running buy Korean and they want to show the world how great is Korea starting from the culture and food, I hope that you can visit the place to see how great are the Korean Food , and the working people behaver’s there, and I will share with you some of the pictures that I shoot it myself in the Restaurant when I went for having the lunch there.